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Registered Office Address

This is an official address of your company that must contain a full postal address in the country where conventional mail can be set. Most contractors make use of their residential addresses; you may decide to use your accountant’s company address or even use a third party service. The registered office address must correspond to the territory. If you are finding it difficult to get an official address for your company, we can provide this for you.


Shareholders and shareholders details

For every shareholder, you will need their details which include full name, address, number of shares, and a class of share they will own. Furthermore, you will have to provide three documents (instead of a signature). These include National Insurance Number or Passport number, Birth town, father’s first name, last three digits of telephone number, last three digits of telephone, eye color and mother’s maiden name.


Director(s) Details

To form a company, you need to have at least a director. It is important to include all your officials’ personal information which full names, dates of birth, nationalities and residential/service addresses when you apply. If you are worried about privacy issues, directors may decide to use a service address, so that their residential address will not be visible on the public record.


Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code

It is necessary to provide information on Companies House along with your new company’s business activity. This can be done by selecting a Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code. Our online company platform includes SIC code search features. If you don’t have a SIC code, we can include a SIC code search tool as part of your order process.


Person with Significant Control (PSC) Information

If the person is not a director, shareholder or secretary, you need to take the personal information which includes full name, date of birth, residential address, nationality, service address and nature of control (for example if the person holds above 50% to 75% shares).

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