Offshore Package Offshore company Offshore Bank €2200
Standard Package Offshore or onshore company Onshore or offshore bank €3500
Executive Package Exotic International company Premium Banking €4500
Online Package Offshore and onshore company Two bank account, one per each, PSP introduction €7000
Nevis Foundation One month setup Private, can hold and manage, nominal services €5000
Cayman Exempt Fund 3 weeks setup, for any type of investment Custodial Bank account, company included €22000
Cayman Money Services Licenses 4 montsh setup CIMA fees, Gov' fees, office, company, banking €75000
Cayman Registered Fund 3 weeks setup, for any type of investment CIMA registration, company setup, banking €25000
Dubai Financial Services License 2 weeks setup DED fees, all gov' registers, local agent, banking €35000
Seychelles Security Dealers Licenses 3 monts setup FSA registration, Banking, monthly not included €26200
Seychelles Professional Fund 3 weeks setup FSA registration, Banking, Legal, Company, Gov Fees €20000
FCA IB license Fast setup Applies only for foreigh registered regulated €15000
Pakage of the month UK company with banking €1000
ABC Banking Corporation, Mauritius Mauritius €1000
Al Salam Bank (ASBS), Seychelles Seychelles €1000
Nouvobanq, Seychelles Seychelles €1000
Global Bank of Commerce, Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda €1000
Atlantic International Bank, Belize Belize €1000
Choice Bank, Belize Belize €1000
VP Bank (BVI) Ltd, British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands €1000
DMS Bank & Trust Ltd., Cayman Islands Cayman Islands €2000
Bank of Saint Lucia International (BOSLIL), St. Lucia St. Lucia €1000
Euro Pacific Bank, St.Vincent & Grenadines St.Vincent & Grenadines €1000
Loyal Bank, St.Vincent & Grenadines St.Vincent & Grenadines €1000
Credit Andorra, Andorra Andorra €2000
Mora Banc, Andorra Andorra €2000
Euram Bank, Austria Austria €2000
Meinl Bank, Austria Austria €2000
Privredna Banka Zagreb, Croatia Croatia €1000
Eurobank Cyprus, Cyprus Cyprus €1500
RCB Bank, Cyprus Cyprus €1500
Societe Generale Bank, Cyprus Cyprus €2000
Standard Bank (Isle of Man), Isle of Man Isle of Man €2000
Santander Bank (Jersey), Jersey Jersey €2000
BlueOrange Bank, Latvia Latvia €1500
Union Bank, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein €2000
Valartis Bank, Liechtenstein Liechtenstein €2000
Bank of Valletta, Malta Malta €1500
PKO Bank Polski, Poland Poland €1500
Capital Security Bank, Cook Islands Cook Islands €1000
Pacific Private Bank, Vanuatu Vanuatu €1500
Bank of Nevis International Nevis €1000
Bank of Cyprus Cyprus €1500
Bank One Mauritius €1500
KB Czech €2000
Banks for ICOs Switzerland, Liechtenstein €5000
Andorra LLC (S.L.) €14000
Austria LLC (GmbH) €6700
Belgium SPRL/BVBA €8000
Cyprus Ltd €1500
Czech LLC (s.r.o.) €2500
Estonia LLC (OU) €2500
Germany Mini-GmbH €7000
Gibraltar Ltd €2500
Guernsey Ltd €8800
Hungary LLC (Kft.) €2700
Ireland Private Limited Company (LTD) €2400
Isle of Man Limited (2006 Act Company) €8000
Liechtenstein Anstalt Company €14500
Luxembourg Private Limited Liability Company (SARL) €7500
Malta LLC €2500
Scottish LLP €1000
Scottish Ltd €1000
Slovak Ltd (s.r.o.) €3000
Switzerland (GmbH) €9200
United Kingdom Ltd €500
Canada Corporation (Quebec) €1400
Costa Rica Corporation €3000
Panama Corporation €1500
Uruguay Corporation (SA) €9000
Alaska LLC €1400
Delaware LLC €1000
Nevada LLC €1000
Oregon LLC €1200
Wisconsin LLC €1200
Wyoming LLC €1000
Hong Kong Ltd €2500
Labuan (Offshore Company) €4200
Singapore Pte Ltd €2700
Liberia Corporation €1500
Mauritius GBC 1 €8000
Mauritius GBC2 €3000
Seychelles IBC €1200
Ajman Offshore Company €3000
Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) ICC €4000
Marshall Islands Non-Resident Company €1200
Samoa IBC €1400
Vanuatu International Company (IC) €1750
Anguilla IBC €1200
Antigua & Barbuda IBC €2800
Bahamas IBC €1800
Barbados IBC €5200
Belize IBC €1200
Bermuda Exempted Company €10000
British Virgin Islands BC €1200
Cayman Islands Exempt Company €6000
Cayman Islands Exempt Company €4500
Curacao LLC (N.V.) €7600
Dominica IBC Corporation €1200
St.Kitts & Nevis LLC €2200
St.Lucia IBC €2200
St.Vincent & the Grenadines IBC €1200
Serbian LLC €2300
Operation Consulting Per hour €200
Notary online Per Document €85
PSP introduction Per Application €250
Direct Wire Collecting Account Per account €2000
Aggregated Wire Collecting Account Per account €500
Wallet solution Per wallet €500
Marketing Offer Per provider €100
Tax advisory Per hour €200
Tax Planning Company plan €1000
Advisory services for ICO's Per hour €200
Nominal Services Per position, annual €3000
Directors with backgrounds in trading and managing for licenses applications. Per position, annual, starting €5000
Compliance offices for licenses Per premices, monthly, staring €4000
Compliance and risk management teams All sorts of communication, per person, starting €1000
Removing companies FCA warnings With UK lawyers, starting €5000
Estonian Crypto License Crypto fiat exchange along with wallet Criminal record is required €14000
Maltese Crypto Company Terms to be discussed €200
Gibrlatar Crypto Company Terms to be discussed €200
Mining Farm 1 Video Cards All currencies €62000
Mining Farm 2 Video Cards All currencies €92000
Mining Farm 3 ASIC BTC only €68000
Mining Farm 4 ASIC BTC only €98000


Cost €0