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Goldman Ilia
Ilia is a member of the Israeli Bar Association (High Tech and corporate law) holds an LL.B and a B.A in accounting, specializing in compliance procedures, AML regulations, and operation consulting.
Ilia has been working with High Tech and Startups companies from the Fintech and E-commerce industries for over 5 years. Guiding companies how to create Know Your Client procedures, building internal work flows, risk assessment procedures, how to do marketing analysis and build a solid business plans.
Ilia brings to the table his holistic approach, creativity, professionalism and entrepreneurship experience.


Iliya Talman 
Iliya has been living and studying in three continents, America, Europe and Asia.
Wide experience financial professional, with expertise in sales, operations, establishment and management of new or existing businesses. Iliya brings a multi-functional skill set that allows to actively follow details, identify problems and communicate with his colleagues.
He is always looking to build products that would benefit all sides of the venture. Currently involved in building COMFORMO, the first website in the world to be connected to the legal registers around the world, providing everybody the ability to start your own business by the tips of your fingers.