Want to start a business, where?


Its a simple question to ask and nobody seems to know the answer to it. When every entrepreneur is reaching a level where he should already have a company and bank account related, he mostly finds himself still without planning.

When you come to a point of making a decision when and where should you start your new business we would like to help you with making the decision, lets follow the next three steps to understand the drivers for the decision to be made.
What is your target market once you have defined, it will be easier to understand where to incorporate and bank. In case you have multiple locations of interest, define your main market as a core.
The second question to answer will be what is your product it's simple yet complicated in some cases question to ask. For example for online shop that makes wholesale of electronic goods, the product would be electronic goods, as product definition.
The last definition to be made is the payment cycle, how are you expected to be paid. Some banks and payment systems have their rules that define the right jurisdiction and banking for you.
In case you want to know more, you can reach us by chat, mail or phone.
Best of luck!