How to plan your business?


We here to give you a different angle to that simple question. When you been asked how to plan a business, you mostly would say to come with a business plan, potential clients and marketing plan, we come and say you are right, though the legal and the operational cycle is based on the payments, what does it mean, why to think about that early, how is it related?

When planning a business, after understanding the product, the client, the problem or a need to be answered, we should start thinking about operations. The operational cycle is built from several inner cycles that come to bring the idea to a venture, to a process and then to a product or service to be given. All of the above are not really related to payments you may say, but they are! When planning your operational cycle mind the payments, as this is one of your main targets when starting a business, to make money.
Payment cycle accounting and flow wise can define the right legal jurisdiction, banking and clearing requirements. All of the above will define your cash flow of operations and will enable you to go from physical operational cycle to actual forecast and preview when and how your business will operate.